Stakeholders Analysis


The Stakeholders of the school are:

  1. Pupils
  2. Teachers
  3. Parents
  4. Community
  5. Government of Kenya

Stakeholders Expectations

Pupils anticipate obtaining exellent academic results,high morals values and competitiveness in sports.

Teachers Expectations

  1. To be appreaciated
  2. Provided with excellent and effective services
  3. To be paid and be promoted as per qualification and eperience.
  4. Expect the school to be managed with integruty.
  5. Expect participatory system of decision making and operations.

Parents Expectations

  1. Proper and wholesome education for their children.
  2. Displine to be instilled by the teachers
  3. School to be run proffetionally.

Community Expectations.

It expects the school to perform its role of providing education,displine and also being a market for their products.


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